Photo credit: Julie Andersen

Radha has spent the past six years guiding others through the body to lead them deeper into the stories carried within. Her journey began as a yoga instructor, and she is certified under the 200-hour Jivan Yoga Teacher Program. The beautiful holding practice of yoga led Radha to incorporate more freeing movements through Nia, which is a cardio dance experience based on nine movement forms, including yoga, martial arts, and dance arts. Once grounded into the body, Radha felt free to explore the art of play in AntiGravity® fitness. This practice combines yoga, pilates, circus arts and gymnastics to bring the whole body into a space of strength and alignment. Through inversions and alignment, the body is able to be brought back to its natural state, and flying through the air doesn’t hurt either. Radha is a certified Specialty Instructor through AntiGravity® and teaches exclusively at Movement Lab in Baltimore, MD.

The culmination of all of her practices has led Radha to create a unique workshop called Writing the Body that combines movement, meditation, and writing prompts to allow people to access the stories their bodies are trying to tell them. The body is always speaking, Writing the Body allows people to open up enough to listen. Opening the body through movement and writing from the space and shape of certain poses allows greater access to the stories that may be stuck inside the body. Radha has taught this workshop as yoga, meditation, and AntiGravity®, as far away as Morocco and as close as across the parking lot from her house.

Join me in the Hammocks!
Weekly class schedule at Movement Lab:

9:00 am AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga
12:00 pm Floating Yoga Nidra

9:15 am AntiGravity® Fundamentals
12:00 pm AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga

12:00 pm AntiGravity® Fusion
6:00 pm Floating Yoga Nidra