Writing Coach and Editor

Radha helps guide others to discovering and revealing the heart of their stories. She offers one-on-one coaching to create a manuscript, as well as editing services for existing manuscripts.

Photo credit: Julie Andersen

Personal Essence Coach

Radha has spent her lifetime in a space of self-discovery and transformation. For the majority of her life, she thought that writing was her purpose. And now, she knows that her true purpose is constant transformation and sharing that possibility with others; writing is simply one of the main vehicles she uses to do this. She has studied all of the world’s religions and has practiced many different forms herself. And Radha believes with all of her being that what this world is seeking, and what everyone in it needs, most is sacred union: the complete integration of divine feminine and masculine which exists within us all. Once we achieve this, everything else is just blissful bonus. But the story we have collectively agreed upon is that we are incomplete within ourselves and need someone or something outside of ourselves to make us whole. We are all both, we are all All, and Radha guides individuals to discovering their truest and selves through their own unique essence.

Most recently, Radha is studying under Justin Patrick Pierce and Londin Angel Winters in their Yoga of Intimacy program.

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