Photo credit: Sheena LaShay


Each breath is life reborn and that means each breath is an opportunity to connect to the deepest truth of each moment. And the truth is that each moment is a brand new one. Each moment is a new chance to connect deeper to the most intimate relationship we will ever know: the one between breath and body. Radha believes that there is no wrong way to meditate; there’s no right way either…there simply is the discovery of the truest self in each moment. And there are tools that allow us to get there, like meditation. Meditation is not about emptying the mind—that seems like an impossibility—but rather it’s about creating greater awareness around and relationship to one’s whole self: body, mind, breath, spirit, emotions. Radha teaches Floating Yoga Nidra at Movement Lab and has two guided meditations on the Kala Baltimore project, a mobile meditation studio that offers meditations all through Baltimore.

Radha has been meditating herself for over 15 years.

Sound Healing

Radha incorporates crystal singing bowls and the gong into her meditation sessions. The instruments have their own life force and energy, and Radha enters into the space of co-creation with them at the beginning of each session. The instruments offer breaking up of energetic and physical blocks and also allow for a space of deep relaxation so the gifts of practice can be more deeply received. Radha is completely self-taught and is always looking at more ways to learn more from the instruments.

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