“Erasure. What every woman knows but rarely discusses. I don’t mind erasure if it is done by my own hand. My choice. Write a word. Not the right word. Turn the pencil upside down, erase. Back and forth on the page…. Pause. Find the right word. Write the word. Word by word, the language of women so often begins with a whisper.” Terry Tempest Williams from When Women Were Birds


I’ve been quiet lately. Navigating my next right steps. Feeling the empty spaces within, created from the birthing of my book, Mary Walks, created from the cord-cutting ceremony I did around my mother. These releases and letting go’s have been opportunities, ones that have led to a deep intimacy with my own shadow. 

This has led me to realize just how loud our culture is. If we’re not promoting — 24/7 — whatever it is we’re doing, people forget; if we are not in each other’s faces all the time, there is a danger of being erased. 

Onto the next shiny thing.

We have become a culture addicted to stimulation. I choose to live differently, as I always have. I choose an intentional life, filled with a depth of presence that offers both myself and whomever I’m with a glimpse of… God, the Universe, Spirit, Love (whatever you may call It).

And deep in that intentionality is an honoring of the quiet. We are currently transitioning, moving from late summer to fall, from fire alchemizing into metal. Things get heavier —dancing fire stills, hardens, becomes quiet.

Let’s face it, we are not a culture that honors rest, stillness. And yet, it is an essential part of the creative process. And what is life, if not creation in every moment? 

I’m still here: Teaching. Coaching. Interacting. Outputting. Social media has been, and is increasingly becoming, less and less of a priority. Maybe that means I’ll be erased? Maybe that means I’ll be found…

Here is where you’ll find me:

On the page.

In the necessary quiet.

At the studio.


Regular Teaching Schedule (@Movement Lab):

9:00 am AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga
12:00 pm Floating Yoga Nidra
9:15 am AntiGravity® Fundamentals
12:00 pm AntiGravity® Aerial Yoga
12:00 pm AntiGravity® Fusion
6:00 pm Floating Yoga Nidra



Upcoming Special Events:

Sunday, September 8th 7:15 pm: Collective Healing: A Meditative Acupuncture Experience with Lola Manekin (only 3 spots left!) at Movement Lab
Friday, September 27th 6:30 pm:
Writing the Body at the LA Sanctuary in Los Angeles

Saturday, October 19th 2:30 pm: Mind, Heart, Spirit Map with Lola Manekin at Movement Lab

With Grace,

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