1. I met you a few weeks ago Radha, and I have thought of you ever since. Your smile, openness, and sheer friendliness drew me right in. Before I played the gong for you, I wanted to hug you. I felt like I knew you. After watching your vlog, I realize now that we are the same; but also existing in our own beautiful individual light. Yours is a light that shines so bright that others likely want to bask in it often. If we had had more time I would have loved to learn more about you Radha. I hope we get the chance to connect again. This offering spoke to me-as I have a unique name, and it’s meaning is still unclear to me. You’ve given me food for thought as I continue growing and “finding” myself. ♥️

    • Dear Nilvis! I’m so grateful for your words and your heart. I connected with you instantly. May the journey continue for us both. And yes, May we connect again soon. Thank you for listening and hearing. ❤️

  2. Hi Radha. I semi-randomly watched this. I knew Lola years ago as both a NIA neophyte and a sucker-upper of her acupuncture (lived in Baltimore for 20 years and am now on the south shore of Boston). I follow Lola on facebook and stumbled upon this. I rarely connect with strangers, but found your post engaging, engrossing and lovely. Don’t feel like I’m stalking you (!), but I may follow you now.

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